Marie Frank, Master of Science TCM, Dipl. OM

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Post Graduate Studies in China

10 Years Experience


“Maries akupunktur hjelper meg til å finne balanse fysisk og psykisk, sove bedre, redusere hetetokter og hodepine, og viktigst av alt det igangsetter stagnert energi som gjør meg mer glad og vital.”
-En dame, 52 år gammel

“Marie brings a highly skilled, compassionate, intuitive (and fun!) approach to our sessions.  She asks helpful questions, listens acutely, then finds just the right channels to open for the healing to occur.   I feel that she knows me uniquely.  She’s a luminous being, and transmits her own positive energy, so that I’m not only experiencing the movement of my own chi, but a subtle infusion of her own energy, a true manifestation of “hands-on” healing.  After she’s placed the needles and before she exits the room to allow me to rest deeply, she always says, “Enjoy your treatment!”  And I do, usually creating a verbal affirmation for the outcome I want and repeating that to myself.  I can’t imagine a Western-trained M.D. saying those words.

This practice is all about balance, and you’ll find that your chief complaint is connected to every part of your entire mind-body-spirit.  I appreciate that Marie sees me as a whole person, not “The Trigger Thumb in Examining Room B.”  At 70, this gives me a direction for optimum health and well-being.”  - Linda H., 70 years old.

“When I went to Marie for a physical injury I was shocked by her thorough exam, no one had ever sat down with me so long and really spent the time to understand what was going on with me and my body, and then after the treatment I felt better almost instantly.  I have since gone to Marie for other physical injuries, stress, anxiety, and digestive issues, and every time I leave her office my entire body feels healthier not just with one thing or another, but as a whole, I actually feel energized.” -Denise G., 32 years old

“I received treatment from Marie after a very painful knee replacement surgery, and then again recently after an injury to my elbow and hand at the gym.  Not only was Marie very warm and caring, but she was so knowledgeable and helped me to understand the injuries and the treatment.  It was such a relief to find ways to help deal with pain and heal my body with an approach that was good for my whole body.  I’ve become a lifelong convert!” -Julie A. 54 years old.